To the left:

    I have  had the distinct honor  and privilege in being a  small part of the last fundraiser for Sgt. Peck.         
    This young man lost his arms and legs to keep us safe and free.

    Thanks to generous donations Sgt. Peck has received a double arm transplant.  

    Marie has raised over $400,000 in the past three years for our veterans.   Amazing! 

     I have been blessed to participate in another event to show our continued support for Sgt. Peck and other brave soldiers like him. 

    If you would like to come to the beautiful Villages  and catch my 90 minute show and
feel really good about yourself for taking part in this incredible event, then you need to call  or e-mail:

Marie  Bogdonoff  :  516-220-5068

Reduced rates for hotel  available through Marie.

I hope to see you there!